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The Game of Intelligent Design

The Game of Intelligent Design is a new type of game built for big-brained people. Join the other 1139 (and counting) registered users, and play now!

It might not be pretty, but it's addictive. Find out how the quest for Artificial General Intelligence can be fun!

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Nov 30, 2009 - The release level of this game has been reduced to alpha. Some users have reported that the Java version that is required by GoiD means they actually have to upgrade. (It's a big download, so i sympathize... really i do.) Alternatives that are being researched include various Flash delivery platforms, Silverlight, and ways to relax the Java version requirement, so stay tuned (i.e. register and you'll be sent an email with an update). In the meantime you can still play with the current version and everything will be fine once you get the correct version of Java installed.